Code of Conduct

Feeding Crane Kung Fu International is committed to providing a happy, healthy environment in which all individuals are treated with respect.  All members, schools, and associations within the Feeding Crane Kung Fu International have a responsibility to the following code:

1.  Members will maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of all members by demonstrating respect and kindness to individuals regardless of gender, ethnic or racial origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic status. Feeding Crane Kung Fu International supports equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices.

2.  Members will refrain from any behavior that constitutes sexual harassment, where sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature when submitting to or rejecting this conduct influences decisions which affect the individual, such conduct has the purpose or effect of diminishing performance or such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

3.  Recognize Liu Chang-I as the lineage head of the Liu family, and guarantor of Feeding Crane system of Kung Fu.

4.  Grandmaster Liu will have the final say in all decisions regarding teaching, history and membership. The Regional Representative will speak on behalf of Grandmaster Liu in his absence.  

5.  Members are encouraged to be pro-active in promoting Feeding Crane Kung Fu and the organization.

6.  All members must actively train in Feeding Crane Kung Fu to become proficient at this art. The consideration of the active status will be judged by the member's Feeding Crane Kung Fu Instructor.  Members are still welcome of course to continue their training in other martial arts if they desire.

7.  Both the Regional Representative and/or Shifu Liu can have a member removed from the association for misconduct  that endangers others or is violation of the Code of Conduct or actions that could harm the organization. Once a person is removed from membership, he or she will not be allowed to renew their membership. If an instructor is removed from membership, this will fall solely on that person and will not reflect upon any student(s) in that school, the schools or association as a whole.

8. Members shall abstain from the irresponsible use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco while participating in FCKI events/seminars.

9.  Feeding Crane Kung Fu is taught as a self-defense combat style.  All members will assume full responsibilities for their actions with their skills learned from Feeding Crane Kung Fu. The Feeding Crane Kung Fu International is not liable for any injuries that happen during official FCKI seminars, classes, or while in any type of actual combat.  All members must sign a waiver with their applications for membership and before training at any seminars.


USA Headquarters

Feeding Crane Kung Fu International

PO Box 672

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