How, where and when did the Feeding Crane martial arts style begin?   It's quite a story. It begins centuries ago with Fang Qi-Niang.  

The southern Shaolin temple in Fukien had a reputation as a revolutionary center.  The temple's Abbot refused involve the monks in the Emperor Qing's plans or become part of his army. In 1673, in an effort to quell a growing insurrection, the Qing army burned down the Southern Shaolin Monastery.  The monks that survived took refuge near Fuchow.

One monk, Fang Zhonggong settled in Yong Chun village.  It was here that the master of the Eighteen Lohan Fist raised his family.  

His seventh daughter, Fang Qi-Nang, learned from her father the Lohan Fist, prototype of Shaolin Kung Fu. Her father died when attacked by men from a neighboring village. Though she had not mastered her father's style, she sought to avenge his death.  

One day when Fang was looking outside her home she observed two cranes fighting.  She noticed how they were able to precisely evade each others attacks. She tried to chase them off with a bamboo pole. Each time Q'iniang would try to poke or swing at them, they would avoid her attacks.  

There are many versions of this legend. The point of the style is to not to use physical strength but elude, make the opponent's moves your own, and strike vulnerable areas instead.  White crane is especially practical in women's self-defense, because it doesn't depend on strength.

Fang evaluated the crane's fighting methods over three years by the river. Using the Shaolin system as a base, Q'iniang incorporated the crane movements into an ever evolving fighting system known as White Crane which became extremely popular in Southern China.

As the men who killed her father?  As time passed, an enlightened Fang decided to no longer avenge her father's death.  


Feeding Crane kung fu is based on Newtonian physics.  This formula explains why a smaller person can take down a much larger person.  The energy of an of an object in motion increases with the square of it's velocity.   In plain English, speed is more important that big muscles if you want to stop an opponent.  If you double your mass, you'll hit with twice the force.  However, if you double your speed, you'll hit with four times the force.  To avoid being hit, strike vulnerable areas quickly and size becomes less relevant.


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