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Do you currently practice Feeding Crane Kung Fu as taught by Shifu Liu Chang-I?   If Yes,
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All membership terms begin February 1st and and January 31st of the following year. Members that begin membership between February through October of that year will be charged full price. After November 1st of that year, the membership fee will be reduced by 50% until the following year. Members of Feeding Crane Kung Fu Interational may have their membership revoked or denied at any time by Shifu Liu for any reason. Once a person is removed from membership, they will not be allowed to renew their membership. What is your instructor's name? If "Yes," What is the name of your school? What length of time have you studied? By signing below, you agree to become a member of Feeding Crane Kung Fu International, as taught by Liu Chang-I, and will be accorded all of the rights and privileges of a member in while in good standing. You further agree to the member's Code of Conduct, and will follow it with the highest of discipline and respect. You shall attempt to spread the knowledge of Feeding Crane Kung Fu, as it is taught by it's gaurantor Liu Chang-I to others so that Feeding Crane will grow throughout the world. I further understand participating in the martial arts holds inherent physical risks. I agree to hold Feeding Crane Kung Fu International Shifu Liu Chang-I, or any members of the organization harmless for any injuries sustained.

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