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All Membership terms begin begin February 1st until January 31st of the following year. Schools that enter membership from February through October of that year will be charged full price. After November 1st of that year, the Membership fee will be reduced by 50% until the following year. Schools of Feeding Crane Kung Fu International may have their memberships revoked or denied at anytime by Shifu Liu for any reason for any reasons. Once a school is removed from membership, they will not be allowed to renew their membership.

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Besides Feeding Crane, what if any are the other styles of martial arts taught at your school?

By signing below, you agree to become a member of Liu Chang-I’s Feeding Crane Kung Fu International and will be allowed all the benefits of membership while in good standing. You further agree to the member’s Code of Conduct and will follow it to the highest level of discipline and respect. You will attempt to help spread the knowledge of Feeding Crane Kung Fu as it is taught by Shifu Liu Chang-I to others in your area so that our organization will grow to all parts of the world.I further understand that of Liu Chang-I’s Feeding Crane Kung Fu International, Shifu Liu Chang-I, or any members will not be held responsible for any injuries obtained while training in either classes or seminars from the of Liu Chang-I’s Feeding Crane Kung Fu International. By signing this you agree to all information above and that all information that you have given is true.


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